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Bella La Crema- Making Butter Beautiful

405 Main Street, Lyons, Colorado 80540, United States


Hours - Closed Daily 3-4:30 & Wednesday

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Bella La Crema to open Bistro and Butter Bar in Lyons, CO

Just outside of Boulder, CO nestled in the foothills of Northern Colorado sits the artistic, quaint, multi-faceted town of Lyons which is known as the double gateway to the Rockies.  


This town, full of adventure, beauty and community spirit was the perfect choice for our first bistro, butter bar and market.  For those whose palate is always looking for the next adventure, you will find it here!

We are very excited to see this article pop up today in Eater Denver! after our first day open!

Bella La Crema, two words: Butter Bar!

We are now OPEN!!

We opened yesterday, September 6th!  Thank you to all that came and delved into our butters, yummy bits, wine, coffees and the fabulous human element of connection.  This town is known for this!  

Full dinner menu to begin September 21st

Partial menu items/specials served daily!

Hours of operation:  Yes, there is dinner!

Monday 10:30-8:00

Tuesday 10:30-8:00

Wednesday CLOSED

Thursday 10:30-8:30

Friday 10:30-9:30

Saturday 10:30-9:30

Sunday Brunch 10:30-3:00

About the Bliss

Intuitively Spiced, Hand Packed, Small batch

We churn butter with organic cream from grass-fed cows, and culture it by reintroducing the good bacteria that was taken out during pasteurization. We also add a bit of magic with our stone-ground spices (never using artificial flavors) bringing you a special and unique experience with this age old delight.


My first memory of bliss with butter was at the age five.  It was my first experience churning butter by hand.  Its memory still evokes a feeling of comfort and carries with it a most vivid sense of poetic flavor.  

Find your selection now!

Something for everyone

Whether it's morning, afternoon or evening, Bella La Crema will find its way into your culinary soul with its clever panache of flavor blends.  Perhaps we can entice you into the kitchen to create something with us?  

Putting butter to good use!

Bella La Crema butter in your coffe, tea or broth!

There are many benefits to this wonderful addition to coffee or tea.  Some of these include weight loss, brain health, energy boost, antioxidants, along with all the benefits of coffee.......click here to read more!

Why butter is one of the healthiest fats on the planet!

Organic butter from grass-fed cows is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin K2, compared to butter from grain-fed cows. Butter from grass-fed cows is a much healthier and more nutritious choice, and is a major source of heart healthy nutrients.......

About Us

We offer a variety of intriguing selections of hand made, small batch thoughtfully spiced butters that are all available to taste at our butter bar!

We are giving people a whole new way to experience butter.  Whether it is a gift for for yourself, family, friends or your associates, 

you will have delightful packaging, portion and flavor options that will suit any palate. 

Carefully selected, ground by hand

Our herb and spice blends are anything but typical.

Recipies & instructional videos

Come join us in the kitchen as we put our butter to good use!

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Bella La Crema- Thoughtfully crafted butter for morning, afternoon and evening.

Lyons, CO


Come see our new store in Lyons, CO: 405 Main Street, unit B 80540 - 303-823-8666