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Our Butters....Poetically Described

Watch for special seasonal releases, limited editions as well as our butter of the month club! Because flavor is paramount, we have chosen packaging that best maintains the integrity and nuances of our cultured butter.

The only acceptable gossip is butter gossip!


Oh, do tell!

We love to hear about your experience with our butter.  Bella butter stories are the best!  What did you make, how did you use it, was it a gift, how was it received, how big was your smile?  What did you love about Bella La Crema?


 Bella La Crema is amazing! We feel so fortunate to have celebrated  Thanksgiving here. They opened their doors for a community dinner, so   aside from enjoying an amazing inspired meal, we also got to meet some  wonderful people from our new town.

The interior of the  restaurant and market is  charming; it feels more european than American  with it's intimate rooms and settings. Shauna's menu absolutely blew us  away; it is French-inspired cooking and was tremendous. I wish I'd  taken a photo of the menu to remember the details of everything we ate  but but I didn't- everything was impeccable. And as someone currently  eating low!-carb there was still so much for me to enjoy. The  rosemary-sage buttermilk roasted turkey was (sorry mom) the best turkey  I've eaten. I went back for seconds and thirds of the "ode to neruda"  savoy cabbage with haricots verts, onions and baby portabella mushrooms.   The carmelized brussel sprouts (I can't recall what they were served  with) were also impeccable. Hubby loved the mashed potatoes, buttermilk  bread, and the apple-cherry gluten-free pie and ice cream. And of course  we both enjoyed their butter! OMG so good. I will be in to just buy  butter soon. In fact I wish I'd brought some home for my bulletproof  coffee but this just gives me reason to stop back in.

We met fantastic people and had a tremendous time. Please stop in to see them for breakfast, lunch or dinner!  YELP.


"Hey   Shauna, I just made French toast for me and my daughter.  The butter   (Song of India) is amazing!  The fragrance of it heating up in the   skillet...OMG!  Absolutely delicious!"


My wife read an article about this place in the Denver Post. I was  ambivalent, but decided to go with her on a Sunday morning. I was blown  away with how good this place was! We plan to come back many many times  in the future!!!


"The taste and flavors are smooth and exotic, and taste exactly like its name." (Monet's Garden, Song of India, Truffle Trouble)


It  was a foodie field trip to this butter bar! Organic, fresh hand packed  butter for sale here. There are several savory and sweet butter flavors,  each with a unique combo of spices/flavor profiles.

We purchased  Song of India and Holliday's Bourbon. We wanted to buy more but some  flavors were out of stock (we went on a Saturday). Now that we've  sampled several butters we'll call ahead to place an order for pickup.

You can taste the difference!

What does "cultured butter" mean, and why is it so special?


Cultured butter is produced by allowing bacteria to ferment the sugars in cream prior to churning it into butter. This provides a tart, tangy, and  complex flavor.  Cultured butter was the predominant type of butter prior  to refrigeration and pasteurization. 

A simple sweet cream butter can be made in less than an hour.  Our butter takes up to two days to make. We think it's worth it!


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