Watch for special seasonal releases, limited editions as well as our butter of the month club! Because flavor is paramount, we have chosen packaging that best maintains the integrity and nuances of our cultured butter.

The only acceptable gossip is butter gossip!

Oh, do tell!

We love to hear about your experience with our butter.  Bella butter stories are the best!  What did you make, how did you use it, was it a gift, how was it received, how big was your smile?  What did you love about Bella La Crema?


What a pleasure at my age to discover new taste and texture combinations.  And from such an innocuous source: a few slathers of butter that open a whole new frontier fro flavor exploration.  


"Hey   Shauna, I just made French toast for me and my daughter.  The butter   (Song of India) is amazing!  The fragrance of it heating up in the   skillet...OMG!  Absolutely delicious!"


We've  all had regular butter. It's greasy, expensive and horrible for our  health.  And yet, we still eat it. Then there's the butter we eat at   the higher end restaurants, it's creamier, tastes a little better but   essentially its the same thing.  I  recently tried the new flavored  butters in Sam's club. They're still the same thing with flavors now.  But, if you want a real treat that's actually healthy for you, try Bella  La Crema!  No matter what you use it on, it will become an automatic  favorite!" (Rosemary's Sage, Evening Capers, Truffle Trouble)


"The taste and flavors are smooth and exotic, and taste exactly like its name." (Monet's Garden, Song of India, Truffle Trouble)

What does "cultured butter" mean, and why is it so special?

Cultured butter is produced by allowing bacteria to ferment the sugars in cream prior to churning it into butter. This provides a tart, tangy, and  complex flavor.  Cultured butter was the predominant type of butter prior  to refrigeration and pasteurization. 

A simple sweet cream butter can be made in less than an hour.  Our butter takes up to two days to make. We think it's worth it!


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