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Our butters are a specialty food!


Sweet or Savory?

To my mind, neither morning, afternoon nor evening must conform to sweet or savory.  Some of my most flavorful memories are when we would ditch a typically savory dinner in lieu of French toast, waffles or eggs.  

I look at recipes not necessarily to follow them, but rather to be inspired by them. With that in mind, please use the following idea as inspiration when using Bella La Crema butters.

Recipies & Ideas

Monet's Garden


Hints of lavender, rose & vanilla bean atop crust-less, open-faced sandwiches with cucumber, apple shavings and mint.

Follow the link below to see how it's put together.  This is a unique dish to serve as an appetizer or for afternoon tea.

Song Of India


A lovely use of left-over crusts from tea cake sandwiches!  This may look like French fries, but don't be fooled!

Cardamom, cinnamon, anise & lemon fill the air as we toss these crusts about an egg scramble.  A drizzle of honey, or a dip with these finger foods will delight your palate. 

Mayan Chocolate Muse


What banana does not fancy a frolic with chocolate?  Better yet, who could resist eating such a duo?  

We sauteed chunks of banana in our Mayan Chocolate muse, added toasted coconut and crushed almonds (or walnuts if you prefer), and well....you'll see!

Downloads & Links

Follow this link to download pdf files containing recipes listed above.  

Also follow the links attached to the description to go to our Youtube channel for step by step how to videos.

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